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The Pulpit Rock

About Ashram

HariHara Yoga Vijnana Ashram is established to impart Arsha Vidya (the knowledge of Rishi’s). The ashram also aimed at teaching and training of the sacred scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita, more over we also engaged in translating and promoting Vedic culture all over the world. Our aim is to reach the real knowledge of the ancient Rishi’s to common people with out any twists or turns. We promote India’s great tradition, culture, values and believe systems to the world. Our total devotion towards the Vedas, Upanishad, India’s rich culture, tradition, belief systems are the guiding forces behind the establishment of HariHara Yoga Vijnana Ashram. We also engaged in preserving and protecting the sacred scriptures of Arshad Vidya.

Hari Hara Yoga Vijnana Ashram is aimed to prepare a person to self knowledge. This preparation is not just focus on one particular aspect of a human being, but rather a holistic way, In order to achieve the highest goal (self knowledge) in a life time as envisaged is the Vedas, our Ashram aims at self transformation, which include life style changes to physical preparation in the initial levels. The higher levels include Pranyama, teachings of the scriptures and meditation.

HariHara Yoga Vijnana Ashram is established to impart the real knowledge and wisdom as delineated in the Vedas. Every human being is knowingly or unknowingly seeking for freedom from all limitations. Limitlessness is the real nature of the Inner self . Any material gains can’t lead a person to self knowledge. Self knowledge is the only way to freedom from all limitations. A human birth is supported to acquire the self knowledge, the world we see and experience is not real, subject to changes at all times, the body we possess also constantly changing.The changelessness of the self only can understand when a person exposed to the teachings of the scriptures. The nature of the self only can be known through the teachings of the scriptures. The ever lasting freedom and happiness a person enjoys by the proper learning, assimilating and absorbing the self knowledge.

Important tips of Ayurveda

  • Ayurvedic therapies not only focused on curing the diseases but equally give emphasis on preserving the health of the healthy
  • Every chronic disease has a remedy in Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda teaches how to live a healthy life by choosing the food according to ones body constitution and seasons.
  • Ayurveda teaches how to live a life by incorporating Daily routines (Dina charya)of dos and don't
  • Ayurvedic therapies intended to maintain equilibrium of three doshas ( Vata, Pitta and Kapha)
  • Ayurveda believes that the disequilibrium of three doshas are the root cause all illness.
  • Ayurveda look upon a healthy person as one whose mind, body, senses and atma are in a state of perfect equilibrium.
  • Therapies are based on complex herbal compounds, minerals and metal substances
  • Ayurvedic Pancha karma ( five therapies) are the most effective tool in eliminating accumulated body toxins.
  • Ayurveda is the most comprehensive ancient Indian system of herb based meditation which has more than five thousand years of uninterrupted tradition of curing the diseased and maintaining the healthy of the healthy.

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