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Panchan Karma therapies:

Shodhan Chikitsa ( purification treatments)

Purification treatments in Ayurveda is extremely popular across the globe, its inclusiveness is one of the major factors. Shariira ( body) is the transformation of the food we consumed. Impurities due to the vijaatiiyadravyas ( foreign matters) accumulated in our body. Ayurveda accepted the subtle five elements Akaasha(space) Vaayu(air) Agni (fire), jala( water) and Prthvi ( earth) constitutes the human body. Impurities in each element is one among the different reasons for impurities in our body, more over Ayurveda accept seasonal changes and body's over indulgence in activities may also vitiate the three doshas, Vata (air/wind), Pitta (bike) and Kapha (phlegm) and causes impurities in our system. It's is said in Charak Samhita that there are six kinds of Rasas (tastes), they are "Sweet, Sour, Saline, Pungent, Bitter and Astringent", excess or lack of all the rasas also causes impurities in our system. All the Rasas in right proportions nourishes the body, mind and senses, excess may cause imbalance in the three Gunas, causes illnesses. Suppressing the natural urges is yet another reason for accumulation of impurities in the body. The food one consume is contradictory to ones body constitution also a cause of impurities in the body. Lack of co relationship between body and mind causes impurities in our system, sattva guna , Rejo guna and tamo guna in equilibrium causes mental and physical imbalance also causes impurities in our body. In taking Mutually incompatible food is another cause of body imbalance. Seasonal changes may also causes the vitiation of the three doshas in the body can cause impurities in the body. Lack of sleep, night work or over work also causes imbalances in the body constitution.

Purification treatment not only clear the accumulated morbid foreign matters from the body but balances the three gunas and strengthen the seven dhatoos , Rasa( Lymph), Rakta ( Blood), Mamsa (muscles) Meda (Fat), Asti (Bone), Majja ( Marrow and Brain) , and Shukra (Sperm) of the body and nourishes the body as well. In equilibrium in the three doshas cause various diseases according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda prescribes five kinds of purification treatments in eliminating the impurities and achieving health and longevity. These treatments are strictly under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Ayurveda physician. Before the commencement of the main therapy, a preparatory course of conditioning of the body to receive the treatment fully is undertaken, they are sweating, diet regulation, snehana ( fat therapy) should be undergone to get the maximum effect of the therapy.

Vamana therapy: ( Emetic therapy)

This therapy mainly intended to eliminate excess Kapha dosha from the body, by administering specially prepared herbal medicines are given under the proper guidance of a Ayurveda physician, a maximum of eight vomiting and a minimum of four is carried out for a desired curative effect. A feeling of cleanliness of chest, heart and head, lightness of body, timely passing of urine and stool etc are the symptoms of well administered emetic therapy.

Virechana ( Purgation therapy)

This therapy is intended to eliminate excess Pitta dosha from the body, according to Ayurveda, this therapy can do start jest after three days from the emetic therapy or directly after preparatory measures. Under this administration of specific herbal medicine should be given at frequent intervals is considered the best, so that the accumulated impurities can be gradually eliminated from the body. Ayurveda manual Charak Samhita suggest a maximum of 30 expulsions, 20 medium and 10 minimum. Feelings of cleanliness of channels and sense organs, lightness of the body, increase in appetite etc. are the indications of a well administered Virechana therapy.

Anuvasti ( Oil enema) Therapy

Under this therapy a substance specially prepared containing fat is injected in the rectum and retaining in the bowls for a specific duration is technically called Anuvasti or oil enema. According to Ayurveda, the preparation should contain fifty to hundred grams of fat, Anuvasti in Ayurveda is indicated to a patient who is predominant in Vata dosha or excessive appetite or a very thin body.

Niruha Vasti ( Decoction Enema) therapy

In this therapy, Ayurveda says a special preparation of meat juice and milk is used to inject in the rectum to clean the bowls, this is very effective method in cleaning the constipated intestines and particularly beneficial in Vata roga. Vata is the motivating factor of other doshas in causing diseases. It's by itself is whole rejuvenation therapy, it also helpful in many diseases such as constipation, indigestion, gas formation, arthritis etc. various medications also used in Ayurveda for different kinds of illness caused by vata.

Nasya ( Nasal Insufflating ) therapy

In this therapy , medicated substance such as oil, powder, clarified butter, etc. applied through the nasal passage for curative clinical effect is know as Nasya. This helps in removing the accumulated mucus from the nose. Makes it clean and smooth for the air passage , more over blood also circulation increases by this therapy.

These five therapies effectively cleanses the Vijaatiiyadravyas (accumulated foreign matters) from the human system and makes it light, attractive, pure, healthy, strong, more energetic. Mind and senses also become more effective and subtle in the treatment of Panchan karma therapies. Cellular metabolism increases and increased appetite and vigor back to the system. Mind becomes more focused and senses perception becomes excellent of undergoing this therapy. The three doshas became normal and seven dhatoos became strong, more over disease possibility become less. People undergoes this therapy at least once a year increases their longevity and strengthen their immune system. Gynecological and menstrual problems of women get a better result in this therapy. Sex related problems are also can very well managed by it, this therapies are very effective in chronic diseases.