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What's Maya:

Maya generally people mis understood as illusion, Maya is the creative power of the Lord, this also is called the Shakti (power) of the Lord with which he create this universe. Lord is to be understood from His manifestation, the manifold world He creates with His Maya (power) alone . He has the overlordship of what's so ever here. The Lord is not separate from His creation, like a spider creates thread from its own without any external assistance and come down from the sealing, if you try to touch it it takes it into itself and returns to where it started, the spider has the intelligence to create a thread and it has the material to create out of itself, so too Lord has take out the whole universe from Himself and He can take back to Himself as and when He thinks proper. The intelligence He has to create it as well as the materials to create it. Anything we produce presupposes knowledge, we need the knowledge as well as the materials to create any given thing. He has the knowledge prior to create this world He also is the material, He is not different from His creation, He is His creation, through His creation we know Him. Anything that we see in the world is not that thing in reality example, the cotton cloth I were when I analyze I see the truth of it's not what's seems to be. The cloth is not separate from the fabric, the truth of fabric is yarn, the truth of yarn is fibers, the truth of fibers is atoms, atoms have it's being in molecules, molecules can further divide mathematical divide into further fractions which end up into what it appears as it were in to my eyes in deeper analysis both material and maker. know Him through His own creation is what a spiritual seeker of truth does. We look upon on Lord as everything here, His knowledge is manifest as what's so ever here. we have to throughly understood the nature of His power, He assumes all these forms what so ever here, the material and the maker is one and the same. He create this universe out of Himself. The Upadaan Karana ( Material cause) and Nimitta Karana ( intelligent cause) both are He himself. He is to be known and understood from his own manifestations only. Lord is not separate from His creation

Lord and His creative Shakti (power) maya is not separate, this makes Him Sarvajnaha (all knowing) also Sarvavitt (all creation). Lord manifests as space, air, fire, water and earth , all these five elements has its being in Him, the truth of these five elements is He, He sustained in all the five as the truth. All what so ever here in the universe is the five elements in different configurations only. He's the subtlest of the subtle and grossest of the gross. He transcend both, He is neither subtle nor gross, He is formless Chaitanya ( invisible light ) The gross element forms the gross world and subtle elements forms the subtle world. Our gross body consists of three gross elements, fire, water, and earth and the subtle body, Antakarana, mind intellect and ego consist of Vayu (air) and aakasha (space) . Lord is the substratum of all manifest and un manifest universe, whatsoever here is Lord alone until a human being discover it. Human being is qualified to discover by using discriminative knowledge and proper use of will, this search for the universal truth we call yoga Sadhana.

Maya has another name called Prakrit, Prakrit has three qualities, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, Sattava is white and cause the good qualities in a human being, which is important in spiritual pursuits, predominance in Sattva is significant in gaining knowledge especially Self knowledge. All upward thinking, reaching out actions, helping the needy, purity, clarity, righteous actions are the nature of Sattva. Rajas is red in color, induces activities and passion, restlessness, creativity, ambition, conflicts. Rajasic people are very active and creative, if they can combine it with Sattva would be very wonderful. Rajasic predominant people with Sattva second can greatly contribute the well being of oneself and others. Leadership qualities in a human being is because of there Rajasic nature. Tamas is black, causes dullness, sleep and sloth. These three Gunas exist in every human being in different proportions, the three are important also in its functions in human system. These Gunas has very significance in human character formation and behavior. A person sleepy means Tams is predominat, active means Rajas is predominant, pleasant and contended means Sattva predominant. There are genetic factors as well food habits also greatly contribute to the three Gunas. The time of conceiving a child the parents body constitution has also contributed to the basic human constitution of human being. In yogic tradition food very important factor in maintaining the three Gunas. Pure vegetarian food with cow butter are ideal food in yogic tradition. All grains, fruits and cow milk also considered as Sattvic food in yogic tradition. Hot , spicy and causes acidity and disturb the alkaline nature of the blood is Rajasic food. Tamasic food is garlic, onion, meat, food kept overnight and alcohol which are not conducive in yoga practices.