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About Ashram

HariHara Yoga Vijnana Ashram is established to impart Arsha Vidya (the knowledge of Rishi’s). The ashram also aimed at teaching and training of the sacred scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita, more over we also engaged in translating and promoting Vedic culture all over the world. Our aim is to reach the real knowledge of the ancient Rishi’s to common people with out any twists or turns. We promote India’s great tradition, culture, values and believe systems to the world. Our total devotion towards the Vedas, Upanishad, India’s rich culture, tradition, belief systems are the guiding forces behind the establishment of HariHara Yoga Vijnana Ashram. We also engaged in preserving and protecting the sacred scriptures of Arshad Vidya.

Hari Hara Yoga Vijnana Ashram is aimed to prepare a person to self knowledge. This preparation is not just focus on one particular aspect of a human being, but rather a holistic way, In order to achieve the highest goal (self knowledge) in a life time as envisaged is the Vedas, our Ashram aims at self transformation, which include life style changes to physical preparation in the initial levels. The higher levels include Pranyama, teachings of the scriptures and meditation.

HariHara Yoga Vijnana Ashram is established to impart the real knowledge and wisdom as delineated in the Vedas. Every human being is knowingly or unknowingly seeking for freedom from all limitations. Limitlessness is the real nature of the Inner self . Any material gains can’t lead a person to self knowledge. Self knowledge is the only way to freedom from all limitations. A human birth is supported to acquire the self knowledge, the world we see and experience is not real, subject to changes at all times, the body we possess also constantly changing.The changelessness of the self only can understand when a person exposed to the teachings of the scriptures. The nature of the self only can be known through the teachings of the scriptures. The ever lasting freedom and happiness a person enjoys by the proper learning, assimilating and absorbing the self knowledge.

The real happiness lies in the bosom of the heart could be known by exposing oneself to the teachings of the scriptures, so that a person is able to enjoy the ultimate happiness and freedom in life time itself, so that the person is free from not only all bondages of the world but also enables to see the real happiness within. The happiness of par excellence, incomparable, true and ever lasting, which is hidden in the bosom of one’s on deeper inner self. Knowingly or unknowingly people are searching for real and spontaneous happiness, without knowing the fact that the real bliss is within which has to be explored and sublimated into one’s own self. This sublimation is through right knowledge and real teachings. A person needs a right teacher who knows how to impart this wisdom and knowledge so that there is no more confusion in life about oneself in the path of ultimate bliss.

Human beings only endowed with the faculty of knowing this special knowledge. A total remake of one’s inner psyche is needed, more over right inner sightedness necessary. The faculty of thinking and inner realms to be remade to accommodate the new wisdom of self knowledge. Humans natural instincts of responding towards likes and dislikes needed a total reorientation. Inner purity and clarity comes by the real knowledge and wisdom of the teachings once unfolded. Real knowledge only can remove the veils of ignorance enveloped over the self. One’s readiness is rather more important in gaining this knowledge and wisdom. The inner calmness, tranquility and composure won’t comes on it’s own. One has to spend time and energy to expose oneself to the teachings of the scriptures to achieve it. An inner agitated mind and intellect can’t dream it, though it’s within one’s reach. We do a inner rebuilding of a human being in the path of wisdom, I mean a inner preparation. One’s inner faculty of mind and intellect is closely inter knitted with the body and senses. In fact the whole is one indivisible unit, but with a disadvantage of being disintegrated in energy, sense faculties and intellect. Until a person discover the meaning of life and the truth of life the person can’t really find inner composures, and quietude.

Yoga Asanas

We focus on different perspectives, achieving a strong and healthy body is a very basic need in the pursuit of self knowledge, we taught yoga Asanas, kriya, bandhas, mudras , and specific detoxification practice required to different people. We focus on lean, light, Healthy and comfortable body with no toxins. Toxic formation in the body is the reason for sloth, dullness, loss of interest in learning. We require alert mind and active body. One can regain the lost agility and strength by the practice of physical practice prescribed in Hatha yoga. We design a special corse for it in our Ashram.Yogic cleaning exercises and breath exercise introduces to further optimize the strength and brilliance of the body and mind.

Translation of scriptures.

We translate and published ‘The teachings of Bhagavad Gita’ by Swami Dayananda Saraswati into Chinese. Now this book is one among the best selling yoga related books selling in China, more over we also translate and published ‘The essays and complete teachings of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the first volume, ( second volume translation is in progress). We also translate and published hundreds of articles regarding yoga, Ayurveda, Upanishad, Vedic Karma Kanda, health related and health promoting into Chinese language. Now we are engaged in the translation of Shiva Maha Purana into Chinese. Hope we will complete this task as soon as we can.


Pranayama is an exercise focused on training the vital pranic energy, or vital universal life force. There are many steps involved in it . A gradual training of the breath would be most useful. It should only be practiced under strict guidance of a well trained teacher. Our expert teachers would guide you in pranayama.


It’s one of the most important steps in yoga, it need assistance and guidance in the early stages, once a person gained momentum in it , would be easy for reaching higher stages. Meditation is an Important exercise involving mind, our well trained experts would be guiding you for it.

Why the name HariHara:

Three gods are very important in ancient Hindu tradition, among the three two gods even more important, because of them the sustenance and dissolution of the universe takes place as believed in ancient Indian tradition. The three gods are Brahma the creator, Vishnu or Hari the god who helps to sustain the universe, and Shiva or Hara the god who fulfill the disintegration of the manifested world so that the new creation can comes up. Brahma generally not worshipped, because people want libration not birth and death again and again. Hari and Hara are the most important among the gods and are traditionally worshipped. Vishnu is the manifested form of the universe with all universal forces that helps us to sustain the life on this universe, not only the Mother Earth but all living beings across the universe. Vishnu has ten special incarnations, among them two most important, that’s Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, both are inalienable part of Hindu tradition and culture. Lord Krishnas teachings in the Bhagavad Gita is the most important, Gita is the most important scriptures of Hindus. Krishnan incarnate in human form to re establish righteous among humans. He also imparted the highest wisdom of self knowledge to his disciple Arjuna in the battle field of Kurkshetra. Lord shiva assume the form of Daxinamurty to impart the Vedic wisdom to his seven disciples, sapta Rishi’s , though the language of teachings of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna different,but the meaning fundamentally the same. Through Lord Krishna or Hari impart self knowledge and through Daxinamurty Lord Shiva or Hara impart Self knowledge. Both ultimately one and the same. One non dual Brahman is true and the manifestations are only illusion of the lord. Both Hari and Hara is essentially one only, apparently non dual. Though the universe looks as though dual, but once the right knowledge takes place which erases the duality. One and only universal lord, names and forms only different but essentially one and only one. Looks as though different, but truly one only, this non dual wisdom is gained through the teachings of the both Hari and Hara is Vijnana or special knowledge, that knowledge is yoga. So we name the Ashram’s name as Hari Hara yoga Vijnana Ashram . Ashram literally in Sanskrit means a place where effort or hard work is been done . Ashram is a place where people are working hard in attaining self knowledge or ultimate happiness.


Vedic Teachings in our Ashram would be the main focus, it also includes karma kanda of the Veda, Upanishad ( the jnana kanda) the end portion of the Veda or the knowledge portion, which unfolds the self knowledge. Bhagavad Gita, Brahmasutra and Prakarana Grandhas, introductory books to Vedas, Vedic Sanskrit.


Yoga literally means union in Sanskrit, it has a very deeper meaning and one has to understand it from a teacher who has gained deeper understanding of it.

One among our major focus would be the teachings of the yoga sutras of Maharshi Patanjali, the real yoga seekers who wish to enhance there deeper understanding of the meanings of the sutras are very much welcomed. More over the yogic scriptures are also included in the teachings. We periodically conduct, short term Courses for yoga and long Term course like diploma etc and other certificate course.


Ayurveda and yoga are the two sides of a coin, Ayurveda emphasis on body heeling where as yoga intends for mind purification. Vast knowledge of Ayurveda is very important to gain to keep a healthy and vibrant body away from diseases and ill health. Ayurveda’ s main focus is on the preservation of the health of the healthy and curing the diseases of the diseased. Unlike the western medicine, Ayurveda emphasis on prevention of diseases. In order to live a healthy life Ayurveda suggested a special daily routine, more over Ayurveda also emphasis on living a natural life according to the changes happens in the nature. A person can avoid diseases and can live a long and healthy life if follows the Ayurvedic way of life . In order to impart the Ayurvedic knowledge we also conduct periodic camps and teachings programs conducted by eminent scholars in the subject matter. We also arrange short term programs in Ayurveda and Ayurveda purification practices like Panchakarma, the five purification exercise in Ayurveda and its preparation practices of Purva karmas etc.

Temple of goddess Bhadra Kaali:

The ancient temple of goddess Bhadra Kaali is the Adhistaana Devata (Presiding deity) of our Ashram. A great yogi in our lineage used to worship Bhadra Kaali throughout his life time, from him the first step to establishes Kaali temple begins.

Worshipping the goddess Aadi Shakti, or Kaali, the universal mother, is believed to a part of yoga sadhana, yogis attain all super natural powers by the worshipping of universal mother goddess Kaali. This is the universal creative power of Lord Shiva, by which he create the manifested universe. We have Special Pooja at the temple on every first Sunday of every month, food donation to devotees also done on that day. Every year there is big festival is organized in our temple, that’s a very grand ceremony,people from all over the area assemble. We have special events and other cultural programs are been held on that day.

Homa kunda: Fire ritual temple

Our Ashram is blessed with an exclusive, very specially designed and built home temple, all Vedic rituals are been conducted in the home temple. The large portion of the Vedas elaborated the knowledge and purpose of doing different fire rituals. Fire rituals are very important part of Hindu tradition, Fire is worshipped since time immemorial in ancient India, any auspices occasion commenced with the lightning of lamp. Fire is the messenger god who carry the message to heaven as is believed in our ancient Hindu tradition. Every wish of a human being can fulfilled by a specific fire rituals. If you are looking for a better life, happiness, riches, prosperity, name, fame , good health, good husband, progeny, etc and or even going to heaven, inner purification lead to the study of scriptures ,all we have different fire rituals. These fire rituals are over and over again performed in India since thousands of years, the result also been accomplished. Any body have a special wish may let us know, we would help you to perform your intended fire rituals at our Ashram. Any one wish to do homa May contact us freely.


Very special statute of Maharshi Patanjali in Krishna Shila (black stone) is established in our Ashram, Patanjali is believed to the author of the most important and great manuals in Sanskrit. It’s said in the tradition, for the purification of mind he codified yoga sutras, Verbal purification he wrote a commentary on Panini’s grammar known as Maha Bhashya and for the purification of body he compiled Caraka Samhita. Universal acceptance of yoga is the contribution of Patanjali. In order to recognize his contributions in enhancing the yogic culture we establish a special statue for Maharshi Patanjali in our Ashram. The krishna Shila ( black rock) carved statue and temple is dedicated to Lord Maharshi Patanjali.


The black stone carved statue of Lord daxinamurty Murthy (South facing Shiva) is a blessing to our Ashram. Daxinamurty is an incarnation of Lord Shiva Himself to teach His first seven disciples, Sapta Rishis. After imparting the self knowledge Lord Shiva send them across the globe, all human raise is commenced from them, it is believed. Daxinamurty means the god facing south, south in Indian tradition, south direction indicates death, the god who is beyond the reaches of death and birth is Daxinamurty. One who is looking for libration always faces Him.

Yoga hall:

A very beautiful yoga hall exclusively for yoga practices is dedicated yoga in our Ashram, natural stone floor and mud baked tiles on the roof indicates closeness with nature, more over the walls of the yoga hall is built by baked mud bricks. The whole environment is ideal for yoga practices. The yoga hall is facing the Homa temple, on the right side is Patanjali and the left is daxinamurty.

House accommodations:

A very attractive Kerala traditional style building which is very simple for a real seeker of yoga and Ayurveda. Fully ventilated rooms have natural tiles on the ground and attached toilet and bath facilities. A reading library in the first floor makes you relaxed connected with yoga related scriptures.A lecture hall on the ground floor and the whole building is surrender by a large veranda,

Organic farming:

We encourage organic farming and cultivation, our Ashram has limited land for this purpose right now, hopefully in future we are going to have more land to cultivate organic food. We also have a garden full of Ayurvedic plants and herbs, students can participate in growing Ayurvedic plants and herbs in our Ashram.


Located in south Kerala, the extreme south of India, close to Indian Ocean, Kerala is one among the ten best tourist destinations in the world. Nature blessed its beauty spread with backwaters and coconut grows. It’s a paradise on earth. The Ashram is situated at district kollam, a remote village named Cheppara, surrender by full of natural vegetation’s, Rocky Mountains, an ideal place for yoga and Ayurveda. The tropical weather and natural environment is very much suited for inner and outer cleansing and self transformation.

Important places near by:

Sri Maha Ganapathy Temple Kottarakara, Jadaayu Para, Ashtamudi lake, Mantro Island, kollam beach, Varkala beach, Shri Padmanabha Swami temple, Aatukaal Bhagavaty temple, Trivandrum airport, Kovalam beach, Tenmala Ecotourism, Kanyakumari,

Supporting Ashram:

The ashrams is a registered charitable trust, your donations, generosity and support are the source of our growth, existence and wellbeing. Contributions are also welcome for food donations, medical help to village people. Welcome monthly and annually affordable donations. Volunteer any spare time, and skills to enhance the Ashram team. Help sponsor specific project building, essential renovations etc. fund raise for us.

Dedication of our Ashram:

Ashram is dedicated to the service of humanity, we organize camps, lectures and Heath awareness programs for the locals. Small grands for the local schools to encourage local children to schools. We also arrange small donations to the schools and children’s welfare activities. We are also focus on translation and publishing of scriptures to other languages in the world. Depends on the fund availability we are planning more contributions to the local society. We are also accepting donations to renovate old buildings, construction of new buildings and repair approach roads to our Ashram. In Co operation with local authorities we also wish to adopt the village and make it into a model village depends on the availability of money. We wish more contributions from those who can afford to do.

Volunteers are welcomed in our Ashram:

Volunteering is a noble deed, we welcome them in our Ashram, we provide them a suitable spiritual atmosphere for inner transformation, growth and outer strength. We always welcome part time or full time volunteers to our Ashram.