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Ishwara (the Lord) : what's iswara?

The nature of Iswara ( God)is Satyam (truth) relative truth and fundamental truth; always existing, there is no past present or future for Him, always present. Self existing, he who does not depends on anything else for its existence, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Anything that depends on something else for its existence is untruth. The cloth I wear is not true because its existence is in yarn, when I look at the truth of the yearn, I can see the yarn depends on fiber for its existence, when look at the fiber I saw its existence in atoms, atom depends on molecules for its existence, I cannot divide it any further, only mathematically can decide, millionth , billionth or trillionth of a molecule, it end up into something else which is not what it's!!! we call it as consciousness or awareness behind ever effect. Jnanam (knowledge), lord has all knowledge, His knowledge manifested as this universe, all forms here is only Iswars manifestation alone, he has the knowledge also He has the materials to create this universe, eg. The pot maker has the knowledge of the pot before making it, he also has the knowledge of the kind of pot he is going to make, it's shape, size etc more over he also know the materials with which can make, what kinds of clay is good, how to prepare etc. his knowledge manifest in a given form as clay pot, we have all kinds of examples, the way a spider makes the web, the spiHuman Mind:

Thoughts constitutes mind, mind have no other existence other than thoughts, thoughts comes and goes, this happens in our awareness alone, human mind is the most important faculty that makes human being humane. Each thoughts comes and goes, we have the special ability to pick a given thought and go on and on in that given thought, we can see people jest think think and because happy or sad without doing any actions, thinking is an action, a mental action. Mind has dual function, one it collect external knowledge through five organs of perception from the external world, mind is the boss behind all our senses, your eye may be looking towards something but if your mind is somewhere the sight can't take place, so too , mind must be present behind all organs of perception to gain the knowledge. The knowledge we gained from the external world is memorized in our mind, that is the memory portion of the mind, human mind is so powerful it can retain a great amount of memory, from our childhood onwards we can remember at lest. Generally we use the surface of the mind in our daily functions, but often we recollect some of our deeper memories as and when needed. The ability of the mind can be increased by continues effort of practice, when we develop a ability to think in a given area we develop the ability of the mind in that field. There are varieties of practices available in yoga to expand the horizon of the mind, the yogic practices helps to considerably increase the thinking process and it can also redesign our thinking patterns. Successes and failure in life mostly depends on the way we uses your mind, this mind makes us successful if you are able to train it the way we want, eg for a student a deeper memory is better to study and achieve a better academic result, if things are stored in your mind you may be able to use that instantly. Mind also have the function of analysis, in analysis mind make use of different variables including memory. Ego ; the identification of oneself with body is also another function of the mind.

In ancient times people in India used to develop the deeper and even the deepest mind by regular practice of meditation, by continues practice of meditation one can develop the ability to find a very deeper mind. It's said that our own previous birth also can be remembered by unfolding the deeper memory, this ability of the mind in yoga is considered as a super natural capacity of the mind or termed it as a Siddhi, there are many yogis have this capacity even now in India, eg. Jaydev Yogi raj of Badrinath Ashram have the ability to remember his last there birth. This is a special ability developed through his constant effort by meditation. Numerous abilities attributed to the mind, these abilities can be developed in yogic practice, these supernatural capacities called Siddhi can be a distraction in attaining the highest state in yoga.

Yogic practices are aimed at purify the mind, mind refers to man( mind) Buddhi (intelligence) and Ahamkar (ego). In yoga Chitta refers to these three together. Purification of the Chitta is most essential to inner stability or mental stability. The strong and unstable mind is the major hindrance in higher spiritual practices,an agitated mind would drive away your inner composure and tranquility. The pressure build up in our mind is to be neutralized. The most simplest form of neutralizing the mind is by regular chanting. Chanting the Gods name is an essential part of yoga Sadhana (spiritual practice). Our culture is blessed with so many gods and goddesses, depends on a persons inner spiritual temperament and liking one can choose ones God, it can be ones Kula Devata (family God), Kula Devate is very popular in South Indian culture, Kula Devate refers to God or Goddess a family tradition worships in a family Lineage, a non stop since ancient times a family follow the foot steps of their forefathers. It's believed that in the event of trouble in your life they can protect you, it's definitely a belief, a belief is a belief, we can't negate it and it's a very worthy belief. Chanting is a the continuous reciting of the same Mantra ( a group of words to appreciate the God or goddess/ prostrating the feet of your Ishta Devata (the God of your liking). Once we surrender ourselves to the holy feet of our Ishta Devate , it's the duty of the Ishta Devate to take care us, it's believed. Once we surrender to the holy feet of the lord our ego naturally subsidies.

While we chant the mantra, our mind is also supposed to focus on the meaning of the words we are chanting as well as the Rupa (form) the physical form comes to our mind, thought process we divert for every other areas and focused on our chanting. The mind can distract from our chanting, it has to be brought back again and again and engaged in chanting, by continuous practice the seemingly agitated mind started to calm down. As mentioned earlier mind is jest unconnected thoughts, anything can be our next thought, upon which one has no control, in continuous chanting this unwanted thinking process of the mind also can be arrested and brought our mind to a specific directions, more over the grace in chanting the name of the lord helps the mind to further neutralize and helps to reach our spiritual goal.

Yoga sadhana is mostly focused on human mind, different scriptures focused its teachings on mind from different perspectives, in the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishnan said "mind is undoubtedly the biggest challenge to cross over" but by continuous practice with dispassion it's possible to brought ones mind into ones own control, mind becomes no more a disturbance and act like your servant. Lord Krishnan admit the pulling power of mind, its more powerful than other organs of perception and action, a beginner in the spiritual path definitely need a spiritual guru (teacher) to guide to certain levels, there after the sadhaka can travel by oneself. A person need uninterrupted practice at a given length of time to gain enough mastery over mind.

Location of Mind :

Emotional seat of the mind is attributed to heart and intellectual seat of mind is the brain, both are closely inter knitted, in subtle analysis we can find mind and body is not different entities. The function of the minds stated by Ayurveda Guru Chakrapaani as "iccha (desires), dvesa (hatred) , sukha(pleasure), dhukka (pain) and prayatna (effort) ", According to Atherva Veda location of the mind is hrdaya (heart) and shiras (head). Mind in association with senses gather knowledge of the external world and work with intellect and memory in deciding, forecasting, analyzing , thinking, etc. human mind is the most complex inner faculty in this creation, this mind alone takes us to realization or destruction. der know it very well how to make the web and where to make the web so that it can hook the tiny creatures into the web for its food, more over the spider has the materials to make the web also, so the spider has the knowledge to make the web and also the materials to make it, in addition spider knows it well how to take back the web in itself. Spider posses the knowledge and material, it can make the web and can take it back in itself , the same way Lord has the knowledge and He has the materials to make it, He also knows how to take back the manifested world into himself. His knowledge alone is manifested in manifold forms. He is Anantam (beginning less), He has no beginning, so to no end,always existing.

The Lord in His glory manifested as the Universe, the Vedas recognize this, the first Upanishad commence with the mantra "iishavaasyam idam Sarvam" it says that the whole universe is jest the manifestation of Lord alone, Everything whatsoever here is Him. Lord and His creation is inseparable, to know Him is through his creation alone, everything is given here, we only need to search it the right way, the way to search Him is yoga, once our way is right, things gets started to reveal by itself. The Lord is the teacher Himself, He teaches us through His creation, He has given us every clues, we have to see Him through the proper eye, proper eye I mean the eye of knowledge, Lord Krishnan says " jnanachashushaya pashyanti" through the eye of knowledge one has to see the Lord, when our knowledge become eye the confusion created by the mind goes away. The right knowledge can also be obtained through the Shastras or the right teachers. Shastras revel the nature of the self, nature of jiiva ( individual beings) and Nature of Iswara. The path of Karma yoga is said in the Bhagavad Gita to attain to the highest knowledge, the goal can be accomplished by Yama, Niyamas said in the yoga Sutras, by Maharshi Patanjali . When a person travel through the path of righteousness the path to the Lord started to reveal to him spontaneously. All the Hindu scriptures strongly indicated to a righteous life.

Iswara is Sarvajnaha ( the all knowing ) the one knows everything is referred to as Iswara, the Iswara alone is all knowing, know one is capable to be equal to Him, He has no Swaroopa ( form) in essence yet all roopas (forms) in Him , He transcend time and space, but the space and time is in Him, all knowledge is in Him, His knowledge manifested as this universe, it appears , disappears to appears again, the way we go so deep sleep, all our duality goes away then, stay in our own swaroopa during the deep sleep, the Shastras says "Nidra Samadhi Sthitihi" deep sleep is equal or equilibrium state in every beings, it's a state where in everything collapses into oneself, the self alone remains, all the senses, mind and body at rest, no subject object duality exist in deep sleep, a person given to begging, the richest man and the mighty kind of the kingdom all the same in deep sleep, "antaha ananto bhavati" a blind man is no more blind in deep sleep. Anything we make presupposes knowledge, before making a pen, the maker of the pen have the knowledge of it, he also know where and how to use it , at the same time he has the knowledge of the right materials with which he can make the pen, anything put together intelligently presupposes knowledge. Without an intelligent cause this universe cannot come into being, all the solar systems put together in a very perfect manner so that it can work perfectly. When we closely look upon our stars , galaxies and our own solar system we would appreciate the intelligent cause which put together all in a perfect manner, the laws that govern all these systems are also is inseparable from the system. Iswara manifest as physical laws, physiological laws psychological oder etc. we have all kinds of laws given to live life on the earth, more over the mind is given , senses are given, body is given, all possibilities are given, any possibility and or every possibilities are due to Him alone, the intelligent cause behind every thing whatever here manifested as this universe we terms as Sarvavit(everything put together in a perfect manner) Iswara ( the lord ) as sarvajna and sarvavit ( knower of all and maker of all )

Vedas summarized the lord in three words, "satyam, jnanam, anantam Brahma " truth, knowledge and infinity is Iswara , truth is that which does exist on its own, anything that depends on something else for its existence is untruth, all what ever here is only names and forms, we would know the truth behind the forms, all forms have their existence in something else, a name is superimposed upon a form, a clay pot is clay all the time , it was clay , it's clay and it will be clay , the name pot is superimposed on the clay, the existence of the pot in clay alone, truth of the pot is the truth of the clay , weight of the pot is the weight of the clay , likewise this universe also have only names and forms, the truth is to visualize through the eye of discriminative knowledge once the truth behind every form we understood, we may very well understood the truth of the Universe. The question people often ask, tree come first or the seed ? Veda says He is the giver of all the seeds , in Him all knowledge rest, Lord Krishnan says this in the Bhagavad Gita "Biijam maam sarva bhutaanaam"( I am the seed of everything whatsoever here) it also says knowledge of the creation was with Him and it manifest in manifold forms as this Universe. He has no beginning, so to no end, only manifest to un manifest.

Brahman, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh :

Lord from the stand point of some total is named as Brahman in ancient Hindu cultures. Brahma is the creator, from the stand point of this whole creative World His name is Brahma, the Lord is one , but from the stand point of sustenance His name is Vishnu, the Lord who is behind the disintegration or take it back to itself is named as Shiva. We need a form to rest our mind, so the Lord assume a form keeping his mayashakti ( illusion) under his feet, so the Lord is not affected by His illusions. Lord assume different forms according to the wish of his devotees, Lord also assume different special forms to accomplish certain task, so He incarnate as Rama to establish dharma( righteousness) to teach a practical life to the humanity and living a life as an example , Lord Krishnan says in Bhagavad Gita that " yadyataacharati sreshtaha tatadevetaro janaha " means, whatever a great man does, that others imitate or follows, living in dharma alone one can reach to the highest state in human birth, the righteous life is the basic steps, we may be able to see this mentioned in every scriptures, the words may be different but the meaning is the same, in Yoga Sutras Maharshi Patanjali states the do and don't s as Yama and Niyamas, when we interact with the world how we behave and live he put it in one list as Yama, the kind of practice one should do practice for oneself as yet another list as Niyamas, same is with Lord Krishnan also, He makes even a bigger list to be practiced to clear the path in the life of yoga, more over Lord Krishnan says in Bhagavad Gita that " yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata, abhyudhaanamadharmasy tadaatmaanam srjaamyaham"means when ever there is a decline in righteousness O Bharata and a rice of unrighteousness then I manifest Myself, it's believed that Krishnas incarnation is to accomplished many task. Lord assume bodies as and when needed depends on the need of the time and needs of His devotees. Lord has no gender Lord assumes as He or She, so in our culture Lord as He or She is same and is acceptable as Lord. Lord in the form of knowledge we worship her as Goddess Saraswati, God in the form of wealth we worship her as goddesses Laxmi, God in the form of power we worship her as goddesses Durga. Lord is one, but looks as though many, true knowledge alone can remove the cloud of ignorance. Yoga is the way to true knowledge.